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Our Services

Trana Consulting work to educate, empower, and embed working practices that increase the value of already successful organisations and teams.

We accelerate the transformation of those in a ‘start-up’ or ‘SME’ phase of development towards the next stage of their journey. 

Empowered Leadership

Trana develop director competence and confidence.

Often the value attributed to any organisation is directly impacted by the perceived strength of the Senior Leadership Team. Trana work with individuals and the collective to enhance the skills and processes that ensure operational excellence. 

Inspiring Vision

Your company vision motivates employees toward the desired future. It guides the actions of every member of your organisation, connecting their individual effort with the ultimate desired outcome. 

Your vision consists of: Purpose, Mission, Values and Behaviours. The challenge is avoiding ambiguity, clichés and lip service. The reward is an authentic message that resonates with clients and inspires aligned internal action.

Performance Mindset

Contrary to the myth (you can't teach attitude) Trana not only empower

individuals with the how of motivation but the will to use it.

Mindset is the performance catalyst, the differentiator, the critical factor behind sustained success.

Trana work with you to design, introduce and embed an organisation wide mindset that will take your performance to the next level.

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