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“People don’t resist change; they resist being changed!” 

Peter Senge, MIT


The challenge associated with embedding a new idea across any team or organisation is not based on the idea's merit but on how effectively it can be implemented.

Trana connect individuals with new ideas by identifying “what’s in it for me” across large populations. We link personal goals to strategic objectives. Inspired to think and feel differently, individuals take ownership of the new, and proactively strive to deliver results.


We need to understand individual perspectives (values and aspirations) and to be seen to be doing so. Once individuals make the connection between their personal goals and the change vision, they take ownership of the challenge and deliver results.



Effective communication inspires pride and creates an agile culture of change ambassadors. Inspiring concurrent and aligned conversations across stakeholder groups and channels is important. Because people and roles vary within your organisation, the messages and channels must vary as well, ensuring that the right information is delivered consistently and regularly. We are experts at distilling your core messages from your objectives and crafting them to have the biggest impact and uptake on your audiences.


Connection (Training)

Change requires individuals to develop new thinking and skills. Trana not only design and deliver specific development to facilitate the rapid delivery of your vision, but are specialists in building an empowered 'mindset' to accelerate successful adoption of new processes and ideas.

Personal choice makes or breaks change implementation, Trana provide the guidance to ensure individuals have the skill, the will and the way to deliver results. 

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