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We empower you with ability to sense and respond to the needs of your organisation. 

Trana use ICE Measurement to deliver a 'corporate ultrasound', an unconstrained and accurate view of your organisation, to help shape and adjust your people strategy, inform your transition decisions, and ensure your change programmes are effective.

ICE Measurements are: 


ICE measurements are designed to provide you with a clear view of your employees and their evolving roles. This clarity enables you to ensure employee contributions reflect your people strategy, facilitating effective performance management, incentivisation, talent management, recruitment, promotion and reassignment of personnel.



The senior managers view of people is often filtered through the perspective of others, thereby making it subjective. ICE measurement provides objectivity. ICE data is reviewed for quality, relevance and realism before it is integrated into the overall reporting report.



Unlike anything else in the market today, ICE offers companies an exciting new solution for measuring the effectiveness of a change programme. Not only that, but as a tool that lives within your company, it has longevity and the ability to support future changes - it is quite literally always refreshing.

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