Success isn't simply based on your organisation's ability to adopt new ideas, it is based on the ability to change faster than your customers' expectations.

Many potentially great strategies have failed due to poor implementation. With a mixture of agile planning, innovative measurement and engaging delivery, Trana increases your chances of successfully delivering your vision every time.


Our implementation services are divided into the following categories:


Strategy Implementation has three parts, the action plan, measurement to provide controls and the engagement and alignment of resources.

Trana provide the structure and transparency required to successfully deliver the strategic plan. Should the strategy require adjustment, as is often the case (markets shift, competitors adapt, technology evolves) your robust plan will help you make the right adjustments at the right time to ensure results meet expectations.


At Trana we use cutting edge measurement software to give you full visibility and control over your strategic implementation.

The software, DeltaCapture, delivers a 'corporate ultrasound’ - an unconstrained and accurate view of your organisation, to help shape and adjust your people strategy (communication and development), inform your transition decisions, and ensure your change programme is effective.


The challenge associated with corporate strategy is not so much in its conception but in its implementation.

Through training and communications, Trana Consulting have the methodology and experience to connect individuals with your vision. We specialise in developing 'mindsets' and by understanding “what’s in it for them” we link personal agendas with the change objectives. Inspired to think and feel differently, individuals take ownership of the challenge and proactively strive to deliver results.