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Our Approach

We help establish entrepreneurial, resilient and engaged cultures. We accelerate strategy execution. We shorten the journey between strategic intent and successful execution (the realisation of results).


Planning is immediate. It is carried out to determine what must be accomplished now! - this week, this month, or this year so that the organisation will be in a positive situation next month or next year or five years hence. 

The ability to sense and respond to the needs of your organisation.


Trana use ICE Measurement to deliver a 'corporate ultrasound', an unconstrained and accurate view of your organisation, to help shape and adjust your people strategy, inform your transition decisions, and ensure your change programmes are effective.


The difficulty associated with embedding a new idea across a team or organisation, is rarely based on the idea's merit, but on the perception of the reason for doing it.

Trana connect individuals with new ideas by identifying “what’s in it for me” across large populations. We link personal goals to strategic objectives. Inspired to think and feel differently, individuals take ownership of the new, and proactively strive to deliver results.

Clearly connect new habits to successful outcomes, then celebrate them. 

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