Building Exceptional Organisations 

Trana improves the performance of organisations by accelerating change adoption - we shorten change cycles and empower you to do the same - strengthening individual ability to deliver results in today's interconnected and ever changing world.

The Challenge

Raising organisational performance during times of change is tough.

In today's complex, functional, and increasingly collaborative environment, organisations need to be more adaptable and agile than ever before.

Success comes to those who consistently change fast enough to stay ahead of customer expectations.

The Idea

Trana boosts organisational performance by accelerating strategy execution.


We deliver an agile and resilient workforce by empowering individuals with the ability and desire to take ownership of the challenge.

Ultimately, we leave you with a workforce of "opportunity makers" along side the tools and processes to make continuous evolution the norm.

Our Services

We empower individuals across the whole organisation with the mindset and behaviours to make on going success inevitable.

Our services can be divided into three sectors:







Understand and adapt existing structures to support increased performance levels.


Map baseline activity and networks. Empower individuals with the ability to consistently monitor behavioural change.



Deliver training and communication campaigns to give individuals the skill, the will and the way, ensuring success becomes a habit.