We exist to transform an organisation's (our client's) ability to execute change. We shorten the journey between strategic intent and results (successful execution).

Trana facilitate the rapid execution of your vision. We dramatically increase the chances of you realising your strategic goals. We not only leave you with an engaged and aligned workforce, we also provide a robust framework that accelerates informed decision making and facilitates the development of a responsive and flexible organisation.





Regardless of the type of transformation your organisation is experiencing, it is well documented that around 75% of all transformation programmes do not realise their objectives as intended.

Trana can deliver your vision faster. By rapidly engaging the population with the change and providing clear visibility of progress (adoption) we ensure you unlock the returns from your goals sooner.


In the end, we leave you with a demonstrably more engaged workforce with an active investment in the realisation of your corporate goals. Just as importantly, we leave you with a robust solution that enables you to accelerate meaningful and timely decisions concerning organisation structure and workforce development, including promotions, termination, recruitment, succession planning and job design. Few organisations have the visibility and control that Trana’s approach provides—or the competitive edge that comes with it.