What research has taught us:

At Oxford University in the 1990s, Professor Dunbar’s research concluded that a leader, in times of extreme need, can only affect behaviour in 100-250 ‘stable and meaningful’ relationships (with an accepted median of around 150). In modern work environments, our capacity to intimately understand individual behaviours and competencies is much lower, usually around 20-50 people. Any greater than this size and our lack of knowledge leads to management problems based on a flow of subjective misinformation.


Having an accurate understanding of what people actually do, how well they do it, and who they do it with, is critical for sustainable development, increased productivity and effective transformation. The bigger the organisation, the harder it is to manage. Change is a modern day constant, the ability of an organisation to master the process a source of competitive advantage.



How this applies to organisational performance:

As an organisation grows in complexity, individuals become more detached from ‘front-line’ feedback loops and tend to rely on past personal experience and the perceptions of others to make important people decisions (usually a small circle of trusted and like-minded individuals). Most organisations supplement this information with management appraisals and engagement surveys, but how objective and accurate are they, particularly when directly associated with reward and recognition.

Core beliefs:

The value we deliver needs to endure long after we’re gone. From the start, everything we do is focused on ensuring you are equipped with the tools you need to continue to support your business goals over the long term.


Passion is non-negotiable. Every professional in our global network shares our energy, enthusiasm, and determination to make our clients more successful. These qualities fuel our culture, which runs on new ideas, fresh perspectives and innovative thinking.


Successful measurement is how we measure our success. Not only does rigorous measurement help you to improve the performance of your organisation; it also helps us to improve our own performance.


To engage your best people, we have to be your best people. We believe the best way to achieve exceptional results is by engaging with your cause, building great relationships with your people, developing tailored solutions, and investing deeply in your success.


Maintain the ability for agility. Today’s best businesses are agile and responsive to change. We strive to uphold those qualities, ensuring we have the skills, structure and network to collaborate and deliver results for your customers.


A passion for results:

Inspired by the migratory feats of the Trana - Swedish migrating cranes, who find a way to overcome the toughest of obstacles (Ural mountains) to reach their goals - Trana Consulting is formed of individuals who thrive on the challenges of delivering sustainable change.


On any scale:

With a network of experienced and trusted associates based throughout the world, Trana Consulting has the capacity, experience and cultural sensitivity to deliver results globally.